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The serene campus is equipped with its own power back up, fresh RO water supply, fascinating greenery, vast open space and commodious class rooms, away from the hustle and bustle of the towns and cities.


The Physics laboratory

Physics laboratory is spacious and well equipped with sophisticated apparatus. Classes from X to XII utilize the laboratory to do experiments. Subject related apparatus for classes VI to IX are also available for effective teaching and learning process. The facilities of the lab encourage the higher secondary students carry out many projects of their own.

The Chemistry laboratory

is spacious and well equipped with proper ventilation. Students from X to XII standards make best use of the lab by doing experiments by themselves. Apart from this, many demonstrations are carried out for lower classes for better understanding. A number of Analytical Chemistry related activities are being undertaken at the lab. The Lab is provided with certain special apparatus like de-ionizer, centrifuge, melting point apparatus and etc. enabling the students to participate even at the National Level Science Projects.

Separate labs for Botany and Zoology, with a lot of rare and interesting specimens and models are available
Botany Lab

The BOTANY LAB is filled with many specimens, related to the Plant Kingdom. Advanced compound microscopes and dissection microscopes are available for enhancing better understanding of complex ideas in the subject. Different kinds of physiological instruments to enrich the practical knowledge of the students are available
An Arboretum, that is a unique feature of the school, is also nurtured in the campus.

Zoology Lab

The ZOOLOGY LAB is filled with wonderful, rare and preserved specimens like stages of Human fetus, varieties of snakes, Human skeleton and etc. Models of brain and other internal organs of human being are available. Various slides to quench the thirst of knowledge of the students are also available. The lab provides facilities for Blood group testing , Rh factor identification and bio-chemical analysis.

Technology plays a vital role in TNPL SCHOOL to create an innovation and knowledge based society through practices in information Technology. This is made possible through our well equipped and professionally maintained computer labs and unlimited internet access. We also have highly qualified professionals to provide the same

The school has TWO computer labs.



The MAIN BLOCK computer lab is equipped with 36 systems. Students of Classes VI-XII are benefited through this cyber space. They learn to write programmes in different computer languages. Computers are provided to each and every student on one to one basis. The lab has several multimedia titles on various subjects.


The PRIMARY BLOCK computer lab has 36 systems. Students of Classes III – V are benefited through this and they learn the basics of computer operations. Animated stories, rhymes, games, etc. promote the interest of the students in the field of computer science.


DIGITAL CLASS ROOM for primary children are provided to understand the concept visually in a very interesting manner.


The school LIBRARY which is a store house of knowledge, has well-stacked books with several thousand titles in English and other languages. Besides reference books, Encyclopedias, magazines and periodicals are available to encourage the students to use the library frequently to develop reading habit in them.


The school has a spectacular, large stadium and track for 400mts with the following courts:

Throw ball
Foot Bal
Ball Badminton
Basket Ball
Table tennis
Rifle Shooting

Strenuous coaching for football, tennis, Ball Badminton, Boxing and other sports and games are given by able coaches.

Indoor and Outdoor games for Primary Children

Strenuous coaching for football, tennis, Ball Badminton, Boxing and other sports and games are given by able coaches.

Open Air Stage

The school has a perfect venue for the mega events like Annual day and etc.

Large Hall

It is a well-designed hall with a large stage and a seating capacity of over 400.
It facilitates inter- school meets , debates, quiz and cultural activities.

Conference Hall

It is a venue for all important meetings, seminars and discussions.


The school has provides bus transport facility. The school has many buses and vans operated by well experienced drivers to pick up and drop the students in time.

Life-Skill Development:

The school offers periodical life-skill development sessions

Counseling session:

Every year counseling sessions are conducted by many well known counselors to guide the students and the teachers community. Counseling is also given to the parents of final year students to handle them in order to obtain top scores

Career guidance:

The School has instituted a career guidance cell. Leading career guidance consultants of the state are invited to orient the students & parents regarding various courses

Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities:

The school offers periodical life-skill development sessions

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises".

Co-curricular and extra Curricular Activities are provided to bring out hidden talents in the students. The school supplies food for inquisitive minds thereby enabling them to face challenges at global level.

Co-curricular clubs are:

The school provides large scope for co-curricular activities. The following are the list of Co-curricular clubs:

English Literary Association
Tamil Literary Association
Eco club
Young Scientists' forum
Quiz club
G.K. club
Fine arts club
Consumer club
Philately club
Extra Curricular Activities:

Extra Curricular Activities are no less in numbers. The following extra curricular activities are enhanced at the school:

Scouts and Guides
Junior Red Cross
Mock Fire Drill:

The school has equipped itself to fight against the fate. Every year a mock fire drill is conducted to face any eventuality. It is one among the best features of the school.

Health Care

TNPL Occupational Health Center provides round the clock service to the students and staff. However, provision for first aid is readily available inside the campus too. Prompt van facility is provided when situation demands the student / teacher to be taken to the Occupational Health Center, just a stone’s – throw distance away from the campus.

Kagithapuram 639 136, Karur District,
Tamil Nadu,
Ph: 04324 - 277046
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